Test Planning Management

Test Planning and Management

Testing is an investment in your product line and future sales.  It can be a costly expense if not managed properly in advance.  Test planning management will ensure you plan, budget for and achieve the proper breadth of certifications necessary to compete in a market that is changing rapdily.  They call it testing for a reason.  It is designed to make sure you have engineered a product that can meet the very rigourous standards necessary to protect life and property in the most extreme weather conditions.  Test failures like those below, can be minimized with proper study and planning in the design requirements phase, and the test management phase.  A variety of factors can contribute to failures like this.


Before you begin your testing, it is critically important to planning for an optimal set of certifications that can allow your company to meet it’s product sales goals. It takes the input of many different stakeholders in your company to make sure you have covered every requirement. It takes experience, and more importantly, certain skills to drive that process to produce a optimal set of test plan requirements that form the basis for successful test planning.  Once you have those, you must manage the test process itself to your endpoint or risk failures unnecessarily.