Product Requirements Planning

Requirements Definition

Fenestraion Certification Requirements Planning – Managing the definition of product requirements is critical to the success of producing, coherent and complete requirements fully considering your target markets. There are best practices that will help ensure the smoothest and most complete requirements planning process to this end, but it requires a trained, experienced party to manage the expectations and the process to avoid the scope creep and lack of clarity that can lead to costly mistakes. Without proper planning, your certifications process will be far more costly.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Fenestration Requirements Management Plan

Successful Requirements Development Plan exercises start with a management plan, tailored to the strengths and weakness of a specific organizations team as selected by management. Outside assistance in developing the process management plan can avoid the pitfalls that come from an inward looking focus. A solid plan, developed with an objective view, to the level of detail and simplicity suited to the specific team will enhance the quality of not only the experience, but the result as well.

 Some of the critical considerations:

  • Target Markets and market geography.
  • Structural only or impact?
  • The circular constraints of meeting the structural requirements and thermal requirements.
  • Provisioning a product line to suit the product requirements of the end user.
  • Code constraints and mandated proofs.
  • Selecting the optimal method of fenestration certification compliance.
  • Understanding the long term fenestration certification management considerations.