IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluations

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The Institute for Business and Home Safety has developed a code plus standard to strengthen homes and businesses against the ravages of high wind, hail and hurricane perils.  Certified as Evaluators by IBHS, we perform IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluations. The FORTIFIED standards are divided in three separate stages:

  • Roof
  • Openings
  • Structure

The first line of defense in protecting your home is improving the resilience of the roof structure to resist tear off in high winds and water intrusion if the roof does suffer some damage in a high wind event. The FORTIFIED Home Roof standard specifically addresses methods to harden the roof structure against this hazard.

In certain states, there are incentives rewarding homeowners who upgrade their roof with grants to cover the added cost and/or reductions in their wind damage premiums which can prove to be significant.  In any event, upgrading your roof can save you thousands of dollars and untold heartache in a catastrophic storm.

The importance of the underlying principles of Fortified Home Structure are represented in this video by Simpson Strong-Tie.

Fortified Homeowner Survivor Testimonial

FORTIFIED Gold Homeowner following Hurricane Michael from IBHS on Vimeo.

This year the North Carolina program was expanded to other underwriting zones and offers reimbursement, up to $600.00 to the homeowner, to have the IBHS roof evaluation completed before reroofing.  For further information, see this document about the NCJUA policy on IBHS Roof Evaluations.

Additionally, if your home is designated by IBHS as a Fortified Home, you will be entitled to ongoing reductions in your wind peril premiums.  For more information on that see this link to the NCJUA Rate Mitigation Document.

ForePointe is certified to conduct IBHS FORTIFIED  Home evaluations.  We are conducting IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluations in the North Carolina area currently.  If you would like to request a IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluation, please click the button below:

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