Certification Life-Cycle

Managing Certification Life-Cycle

Your certification has a finite certification life-cycle spanning 8 – 12 years.   To maximize your investment, you must plan supply chain issues in advance, properly document all aspects of the certification and manage to meet regulatory imperatives.  Thermal certification life-cycle runs for four years. Structural air, water and impact life-cycle is tied to code adoption life-cycle running 2- 4 years.  IG certification life-cycle runs 2 years.  All of these milestones require a system to monitor and manage updates to avoid the lapse of a critical certification that could render the product undeliverable.  Managing certification life-cycle is critical to your organizations success in capturing market share and enhancing profitability.

Breadth of Certifications

AAMA Certification label - part of certification life-cycle management - ForePointe, LLC

Courtesy Keystone Certifications

Certifications can cover multitudes of configurations.   Add in what could be hundreds of glazing options on thermal certification life-cycle and you have permutations in labeling that could run to the thousands. Understand these domains and plan to manage them for maximum benefit.  If you do not do this your labeling will be an extreme burden and very costly.  For the small manufacturer, this could be a profit killer.

Covenants of your Certifications

You are required to implement and maintain a Quality Assurance program that will be validated by an independent third party you engage for that purpose.  Setting up such a program can be daunting and the day to day oversight burdensome, unless you have people knowledgeable in the requirements to properly implement and oversee the process.  The QA program can help spot and reduce mistakes before they leave the plant and it is an absolute requirement of your certifications whether they are AAMA, Florida Product Approval Listings, Miami Dade County listings or a third party like Keystone Certifications, Inc.  Deficiencies in your QA program can, in the extreme, lead to termination of those certifications. We can help you implement a program that fits your business and then help manage the day to day functioning to make sure you have no compliance issues arise in your annual inspection with your third party.  We can save you  time, money and headaches in this critically important and ongoing obligation to your certifications.

Efficient Management of Your Certification Obligations

Our program will reduce the burden of managing your certification obligations and free you to run your business. Our expertise in the field can help you understand what you must do and what you are not required to do.  If you do not understand your obligations, you are ill equipped to know if your Third Party is accurately administering the program you are enrolled in and whether you you have designed a system that works for you.  Reclaim ownership of your business.