About ForePointe, LLC

ForePointe, LLC was established to support small, entrepreneurial companies struggling to adapt to the rising regulatory burden descending on manufacturers of building products in general and window and door products specifically.  For over 25 years we have been at the forefront of the custom window and door market in the United States.  The breadth of our experience ranges from marketing and sales to product design and testing and certification management. We thoroughly understand the certification life-cycle.  For another twenty years before that we were engaged in the commercial and residential construction industry.  We have a very broad and diverse set of subject matters we have developed expertise in that can help you be successful.

The requirements of the certification regime are growing daily with few resources to help you navigate all the applicable regulations and requirements to successfully serve and capture a share of a vibrant market.  We can help you navigate that gauntlet and prosper as you execute your business plan.

We offer services to help you:

  • Develop product and testing requirements
  • Construct detailed test plans and test suites to achieve the full breadth of approvals you need
  • Help you manage your testing regime and document the progress and data that flows from testing
  • Help manage the selection of engineers and third party certification agencies
  • Develop and implement your QA program
  • Assist you in developing and managing your labeling program to meet your contractual and legal requirements
  • Provide professional monitoring of your certification life cyle to make sure you are properly notified of critical requirements and milestones
  • Agency representation to act in your stead with your third party entities