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Certification Management

  • Do you manage certifications for building products or need professional management of a personnel qualification scheme?
  • Do you feel lost when dealing with Certification Issues?
  • Does it seem as if you are you assigning people to manage certifications with inadequate training and experience? Do you know what adequate training, experience and skills are needed for managing complex certification schemes?
  • Are you too busy running your business or association to manage your regulatory obligations?  Do you understand Learning Management Systems and Job Task Analysis?

If any of these describe your experience, there is a better, more cost efficient way.  Utilizing our experienced staff for certification management; to manage your certifications critical dates, answering variance/corrective action demands from your agencies, or advising you on the most efficient path to obtaining and meeting your certification needs can save you valuable time and untold dollars in your certification management responsibilities.

Building Product Certification Management

Managing the design, testing, certification and life-cycle documentation of a building products portfolio can be a financial bridge too far.  The only way to manage the cost of such an undertaking is to have a very strong plan on the front side to be able to set realistic goals and endpoints.  It takes dedication, skill and experience you may not have in house.  Certification Management should not be an afterthought. We can provide this expertise and lower your costs to establish a product life-cycle that matches the market realities you face.

Requirements Planning

Embarking on a product certification management regime without a clear plan, is planning for failure.  Product requirements definition is critical to the success of producing coherent and complete product lines to serve your target market. There are best practices that will help ensure the smoothest and most complete process to this end, but it requires a neutral party to manage the expectations and the process to maximize your return on investment.  Investing in product planning before you proceed to testing can reduce testing cost, ensure you certify the breadth of conditions you need to adequately provision a product line and assist in negotiating the proper scope of services from engineers and test labs.

Test Planning

Your company will invest tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and certifying your product for a life-cycle approximating ten years. Without proper test planning, you will not maximize that investment and possibly have to spend additional money and resources for critical certifications you did not cover in the test suite.  You will likely overspend your budget if you are not sure in advance what exactly you need to accomplish in the lab.

Large Missle Impact Test- part of certification lifecycle management

Test Management

The test labs have accreditation limitations placed on them that limit their ability to partner with you.  They do so to the best of their ability to function in that role, within the confines of the ethical constraints imposed by their accreditations.  That said, if you send your samples to the lab without someone to oversee the process, your are taking on added risk and missing a larger opportunity to learn about your product decisions along the way. ForePointe can guide you in the best course of action to oversee this critical phase of the process.  We can make sure your test plan is complete in process to ensure your best chance of success.  We can also guide you in the collection of valuable data to inform your future product decisions.

Certification Management Life-cycle

Once completed, a certification has a finite life-cycle that varies in span up to twelve years. During that period there are critical milestone and ministerial issues that need focused attention to avoid an impairment, or lapse of the certification. Codes expire every few years and require updating the certification and any attendant listings. Energy Star is on a five year review cycle. With a compact product line, your certifications may actually cover hundreds, even

Keystone AAMA Label - ForePointe, LLC

Courtesy Keystone Certifications, Inc.

thousands of configurations that may require individual label configurations.  All of this must be managed to avoid costly lapses or errors in labeling requirements and possible suspension or recall of your products. All these milestones require  a system to manage the lead times. Experienced assistance can help you understand the issues and plan, design and build a system that supports your ability to effectively manage your certifications while minimizing cost and protecting your investment.

Design and Management of Personnel Qualification Schemes

Are you a product manufacturer concerned about the competence of crafts people installing your products? We can design a robust and efficient personnel qualification scheme and provide professional administration of that scheme to improve the quality of your product installations and help reduce costs for call backs.

FORTIFIED Home Evaluations

We are certified IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluators.  We are currently conducting FORTIFIED Home Evaluations in the North Carolina regions affected by this years hurricanes.  if you would like to know more about FORTIFIED Home, click this link.