ForePointe can assist you at any/all points along the way to meeting your goals by helping construct an accurate, robust product road map.

Step - 1

Requirements Planning

An accurate product certification road-map only results by detailing the requirements in as granular a form as possible before designing the test suites.  You cannot design an adequate, but reasonable test suite without understanding fully your intended markets, the required design pressures and the protocols you must apply.

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Step - 2

Test Planning

Meeting the endpoints of your product certification road map, requires you to fully plot all test protocols to be run on each sample against the integrated whole of the test suite to avoid duplicating tests or missing a critical test you will need.  This is necessary as well so you can obtain accurate cost proposals from laboratories and engineering professionals and certification agencies. 

You need the plan to be  as accurate as possible for a realistic budget.  ForePointe will create a written test plan with explicit details for each sample so you have clear expectations among everyone involved and an understanding of where your costs are.

Step - 3

Testing Management

The biggest mistake you can make is to just deliver your expensive samples to the lab and tell them “I need AAMA at PG 70”.  They call it testing for a reason, if this is your approach, expect failure rates 20% – 80%, the loss of the sample and a sunk cost with no tangible value.  You need experienced eyes to stage testing in a manner to leave with either a suitable result or a full understanding of the weaknesses you must correct before proceeding.  We can be those experienced eyes for you.

Project Specific Services

If you have an important project you are looking at and think you might benefit from a different perspective on the sum of the Project specifications, ForePointe can review the documents and prepare for you a document summarizing the risks and opportunities to make your proposal stand out.

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