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Who – Randy Covington, Subject Matter Expert

In a career spanning over 30 years in the construction, building products and certification services industries, Randy Covington  has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and subject matter expert experience that can make your journey to window and door product certification less costly and more efficient of your time, saving you thousands in wasted time, energy, testing and mistakes in general. Randy has over 30 years combined experience in the construction and building products industries.  Previously licensed as the Qualifying Agent  in the State of South Carolina for a $50.0 million dollar a year construction division of a publicly held company specializing in light commercial construction,  He also functioned as a Client Representative in that organization selling design-build construction services.  In that role, He conducted program planning and facility design processes to develop design-build proposals for medical facilities, educational facilities, light commercial buildings and specialized government facilities involved in everything from child care to animal research.   

Over the course of his career, Randy also spent many years in the fenestration industry in both sales and managerial capacities overseeing the certification  life-cycle of hurricane impact rated window and door product lines sold to the most demanding clients for personal residences with hard construction budgets up to $50.0 million dollars. His sales territories covered all major markets in the US, including California, Washington State, the Rocky Mountains, Florida, Texas and the East coast  of the US above Pennsylvania. All of his subject matter expert experience  gave him a deep understanding of building codes and  most of the market  in new residential and commercial construction and building products composing the major viable markets for overseas manufacturers seeking a foot-hold in the US and Canada.

"I know your target markets and the distinct issues you face in fenestration certification and I understand the full spectrum of product life-cycle management for wood, wood clad, extruded aluminum windows and doors and particularly products designed around European multi-point locking hardware

Randy Covington
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What - Subject Matter Experts in Window and Door Product Certification

Subject Matter Experts can either be formally trained in a discipline like mechanical engineering, or, they can learn the hard way from long, practical experience…including making the valuable mistakes that produce real expertise.  I have made all the mistakes you may be about to make as you guide your firms window and door product lines to product certification.  You can benefit greatly from my expertise to avoid the mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars in time and money as you move to seize your market.  Which is more valuable to you?  Hard won real practical experience in marketing sales and technical issues impacting the development and product certification of widow and door products…or straight discipline in the structural math? You will need the engineers as well, but there is so substitute for the broad experience of someone who has worked across all facets of your specific industry.

My Mission as a subject matter expert

My mission is to use my subject matter expertise, accumulated from over 30 years experience in the construction, product certification  and building products industries to make your journey to achieving your product certification goals smoother, more efficient and less costly.  We do this by understanding the necessary process to eliminate missteps, mistakes and accessing the necessary resources to make your your goals achievable, affordable and targeted to your markets.

My Vision as a subject matter expert

"My vision extends to the market you target and what it takes to fully provision a product line...in a reasonable manner to satisfy your target consumers.  I want to bring to life for your organization, what your specific vision is for the product lines you seek to certify in the fullest and most cost-effective manner possible. Subject matter experts can save you money without the expense of an engineer to perform that same function."

Randy Covington

My Deep Experience as a subject matter expert

My deep experience allows my vision to extend to the market you target and what it takes to fully provision a product line…in a reasonable manner to satisfy your target consumers.  I want to fulfill for your organization what your specific vision is for the product lines you seek to certify in the fullest and most cost-effective manner possible.

I have over 13 years experience in managing product certification life cycles as a consultant and as the former Director of Testing and Certification for a manufacturer of custom Mahogany windows and doors that also imported Wood, Clad Wood and Aluminum windows from Europe, all sold into the luxury estate market. 

All of the products I managed testing and certification for, required hurricane impact ratings to the highest design pressures in the North American hemisphere.  To get there called for an entirely new product line designed specifically to achieve the design pressures we needed for the markets we were targeting.  I participated on the design team that created this entirely new Mahogany wood custom window and door line including:

  • Hung windows
  • OS casement windows
  • T/T windows
  • Fixed windows
  • IS Doors
  • OS Doors
  • L/S Doors
  • Exotic Hardwood and bronze clad

I then guided all these products through testing and certification to final acceptance in the Florida Product Approval system, AAMA and NFRC.

I also sold into these same luxury estate markets across the United States in all regions for over 12 years.  I understand the markets from New York, to Florida to California and in between from my dealing with Architects, Engineers, Building Contractors and Clients.  I understand the product certification methods and schemes – there are several available to you – to better assist you in  choosing the best method for your endpoints. 

I have over 10 years selling design-build construction services.  I understand program planning and facility design processes.  I understand building codes.  I understand the many, many ancillary issues you might face in entering the market.  Issues like flame spread and smoke developed rating, component verification and certification, glass ANSI Z97 certification, IGCC Certification and the NFRC and Energy Star rating process. 

Finally, I have three years experience in the direct support of product certification programs. Working as a Project Manager in the Certification Services division of Intertek PLC, a global company with over 20,000 employees and offices throughout the world I specifically supported programs in the Vinyl siding, Steel Framing and IBHS Roof Evaluation Associations.  Additionally, I was the lead Project Manager supporting the creation of an ANSI compliant product rating program for the window covering industry under the AERC.  I have the depth of experience to bring real, tangible, measurable benefits to your product certification journey.  Call or email me through the website. I would be happy to discuss that with you.

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