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With over 35 years experience, ForePointe can save you thousands of dollars in lost time to market and window and door  product certification costs.  Window and door certification is critical and mandated in all major building codes in the United States.  We are subject Matter Experts in Window and Door Certification based on over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We also service the siding and roofing sectors of the building products industry

Subject Matter Experts in Fenestration and Building Product Certification

There is no market entry into the US housing market without testing and certification of your products.

The window and door certification process is costly, and fraught with pitfalls if you are unprepared and inexperienced.  Can you afford to waste thousands of dollars and months of delay?  We can help you navigate the window and door certification process process, avoid these problems and reduce the costs associated with obtaining certification for your windows and door products.

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Our Process

Step - 1

Defining Requirements

You must know your markets to understand what minimum design thresholds you must meet. Undershoot the required DP and you are effectively excluded.

Step - 2

Test Planning

You need granular test plans to obtain valid testing certification and engineering proposals.  We can help you do this with our knowledge and deep pool of resources.  

Step - 3

Testing Management

Once you send your products to the lab, we manage the process  to make sure you come away with the optimum required result or that you at least understand the weakness in your product you have to address to obtain your goals.

Step - 4

Finalizing The Process

Our deep experience in managing and working the window and door product certification process helps ensure you have the most cost effective path to certification acceptance.

Why Choose ForePointe Consulting?

It’s simple, we have over 35 years experience in the construction materials industry across sales, project requirement scoping and specification, product design, managing window and door product certification life-cycles and developing certification programs.    We have already made all the mistakes you might be getting ready to make…learn from our experience.

Qualified Expert

Over 35 years experience in construction, fenestration sales, product design and management of fenestration product certification.

Methodology Expert

You have several potential paths to market, each with different costs, and advantages. We help select the best one for you.

Subject Matter Expert

In product design, window and door product certification standards, building codes, certification methods and practices and product listing alternatives.

Very affordable Rates

You will be surprised at how affordable and overhead lowering this guidance can be.

Deep Understanding

From long experience in the industry in all regions of the United States, Canada and Europe. We have managed certifications for window and door manufacturers and glass fabricators.

Special Offer

We are happy to spend and hour with you at no cost to explore the advantages to you.

Wind Speed Design Zones - ForePointe, LLC

"ForePointe has the experience to walk you through the window and door certification process more efficiently and at less cost than you would be able to yourself"

Randy covington

Lead Consultant - ForePointe, LLC

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